Friday Progress Report 29/03/2019

Firstly, on the future of Edengrall and planned playable area: Ambition can be a dangerous thing indeed, but i believe in our ability to create this wonderful world, this will probably not be ready by the launch date, but the entire island will be finished one day for sure. Now for more tangible goals:   I have finished modeling the furniture and the tools that the cooking system will use, there are 7 total tool types: Pan, Pot, Grill, Steamer, Oven for Hot dishes Raw preparation for Cold dishes Conserve preparation for Fermented dishes Each will have their specific recipes, some of them have portable variants for cooking on while camping   After finishing those models i started working on importing the ingredients into the new cooking system, now each ingredient has 3 to 4 special effects that can be triggered by the user during cooking, this replaces the old temperature control that added complexity, but was not fun, we think this new feature will make the cooking system more enjoyable.  5 ingredients done… 84 to go… help!

Friday Progress Report 01/03/2019

First update from home in almost two months, we are back at working on the game every day now. I made the school, it has one large  class room, two bathrooms, underground classroom for magical studies and a garden and kitchen at the top floor Current state of the town: Afterwards i will make the houses near the north entrance and finish up everything doing the collision models and the uv mapping We have designed a new feature for the cooking system, special ingredient effects, they are optional bonuses you can add to your recipes, you will need to spend points to unlock them and for each unlock the cost of the next effects increase, hot recipes will gain points to spend as you cook, so you can gain more points leaving it up for longer, but you risk burning the food, cold dishes will gain points based on Adam’s skill level with the recipe and Fermentation recipes will gain extra points the longer you leave the food fermenting, here some of the current effect ideas:

Friday Progress Report 04/01/2019

Happy new year! The first update of the year has some good progress! I have finished Momo, we have created a new breast size modifier to give her larger than usual breasts and we have re-added breast physics. Momoka Laturi Age: 72 Laetus years, 22 in Earth years Race: Bovin (homunculus) Marriageable: Yes Personality: Hard Working, Responsible, Cheerful Favorite Food: Beef Momo is the first and only of her homunculi species, the Bovin race was created to serve as a work homunculus, with strength similar to Orcs, but with a more pleasing appearance, but the design was flawed in certain aspects and this led to the cancellation of the project. Due to her nature Momo has been a hard working girl from very early age, she also has strong maternal instincts and has acted as a big sister to the younger girls of the village, specially Fuko and Meru who see her both as a big sister and foster mother, they live together in the dairy ranch near the temple where they sell animal products and special milk! Her biggest worry is the future of the younger girls who lost their creators in the ruins incident a few years ago, she seeks a husband to help her raise the children as best as possible. Marrying Momo is easy if you get along with Fuko and Meru, but if the twins dislike you then winning Momo’s heart will be extremely difficult. If you manage to do so Fuko and Meru will become available for official adoption (if they like you enough to see you as a father figure).   There was also progress on inventory and the cooking system We have designed a new structure for the cooking system, certain things will change, so recipes scores might change from the Everyday…

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Friday Progress Report! 02/06/17

This is the first weekly friday report! I will explain where is the game right now and how much is still left instead of just posting what i did this week. Right now im working on the vertical slice demo: Everyday Lite, it includes the Cooking System and Faerie Village integrated into a minigame. The faeries collect food while you cook for them and manage their village. Both these systems will be present in the main game. Current State of Everyday Lite: Main screen – 0% Save files – 0% Options and Difficulty Settings – 0% Music & Sound – 10% Cooking System – 90% Faerie Village – 70% Overall Progress – 65% (Cooking and FVillage account for 80% of this demo) Estimated Time – 3 months Cooking System Todo list Replace all placeholder icons: 60/210 done (hired an artist for these) Create inventory system integrated with Faerie Village Create second recorded recipes tab, for recipes discovered through F. Village Allow player to choose dish to feed Faeries with (dish quality matters!) Time spent cooking advances day time Cooking Skill (right now the game treats you as 100% skilled master chef) Faerie Village Currently working on Workshop, Smithy and Apothecary crafting buildings, adding 60 items that can be used to permanently upgrade other buildings. Next i will implement the random Event system to add some spice to gameplay, then i will finish working on all the Jobs special effects that need implementation. After jobs, event and cooking system integration the F. Village is basically done, the defeat state of the game will be if you lose all Faeries, and i will add a goal for the player (collect the 26 elemental insignias) to use as win state (will give option to keep playing after victory). After that i will draw some UI panels…

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