Friday Progress Report 15/03/2019

The city reform is complete, every building is properly textured and have collision models.

Now i need to fix the terrain, since the town shape changed, but we decided to change how we edit terrain, before we used an editor my brother made, it was primitive and horrible to use since he had to switch focus from it into other features, leaving it incomplete, so i asked him to make a new system that converts an .obj made in blender to a map object his system uses, now i can make the map in blender, making it 100x easier and faster, while keeping the biome identification and prop filling feature the old map system had

Also map chunks will now be exactly 200×200 meters, instead of being amorphous blobs, this will make creating the world much easier (those squares are 10x10m each)

It will take about 2 or 3 days to remake the map, it will be slightly different this time since i didn’t manage to import the current map into a blender file, even after converting to obj, but it will be better in the end.


Green wire frames are collision models


Oh and by the way, our subscribestar account was accepted!

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