Friday Progress Report 04/01/2019

Happy new year! The first update of the year has some good progress!

I have finished Momo, we have created a new breast size modifier to give her larger than usual breasts and we have re-added breast physics.

Momoka Laturi

Age: 72 Laetus years, 22 in Earth years

Race: Bovin (homunculus)

Marriageable: Yes

Personality: Hard Working, Responsible, Cheerful

Favorite Food: Beef

Momo is the first and only of her homunculi species, the Bovin race was created to serve as a work homunculus, with strength similar to Orcs, but with a more pleasing appearance, but the design was flawed in certain aspects and this led to the cancellation of the project.

Due to her nature Momo has been a hard working girl from very early age, she also has strong maternal instincts and has acted as a big sister to the younger girls of the village, specially Fuko and Meru who see her both as a big sister and foster mother, they live together in the dairy ranch near the temple where they sell animal products and special milk!

Her biggest worry is the future of the younger girls who lost their creators in the ruins incident a few years ago, she seeks a husband to help her raise the children as best as possible. Marrying Momo is easy if you get along with Fuko and Meru, but if the twins dislike you then winning Momo’s heart will be extremely difficult. If you manage to do so Fuko and Meru will become available for official adoption (if they like you enough to see you as a father figure).


There was also progress on inventory and the cooking system

We have designed a new structure for the cooking system, certain things will change, so recipes scores might change from the Everyday Lite demo, but there will be more freedom and it will be easier to create the kind of recipe you want

Previous system

Insert Ingredients + Choose method -> Recipe done and scored

New system

Insert Ingredients + Choose method -> A list of all possible recipes with their difficulty listed is now shown to the user to choose -> Cooking begins, process can be interrupted and finished at any moment, or left cooking allowing the player to do other things while his stew simmers -> Recipe done and scored

Cooking will create area effects like emitting aroma which can cause NPCs to react, also burning food will cause a black smoke to come out of your pan or oven alerting you and nearby NPCs that something is burning.

The new structure will also split recipes from the main code of the system into scripts that can be viewed and edited easily by users allowing great moddability!


We have to travel in 3 days and will be back by the end of February, but don’t worry we will keep working as much as we can overseas, progress will slow down a bit, but we are still going to release a demo on February 2nd.

3 thoughts on “Friday Progress Report 04/01/2019

  1. Cooking alchemistry of mass attraction!
    Great thing is to do anything in same time with cooking.
    What about consumption of fuel and time of temperature raising?

    1. We didn’t actually think about fuel, but since there will be lumber in the game we might make it so it needs firewood, the temperature will be adjustable every time the player checks on the food, there will be a dial near the [finish cooking] button

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