Friday Progress Report 21/12/2018

I have two announcements that are not related to progress this week.

First, we are leaving Patreon out of principle, if you are a Patreon user you know what is going on already, i will not talk about politics in this blog.

Second, the blog is being spammed by bots, I am sorry if your comment got deleted with the batch, i will approve comments from actual people, just make sure to talk about the game in your comment so i know that the text is not some generated blob and make sure you don’t have a link to any sketchy porn sites

If you want to talk to me i would prefer Gab or Minds


Now enough bullshit, this week we started working on both items and moddability, we are the kind of players that prefers to play with mods no matter what game we are playing and we feel you will want to do so too with our game too, we are going to release all required tools to make mods for Everyday Life when the game launches. Right now we started to change the file structure of the game to make it easier to access and mod assets

Adding new assets will be as easy as putting them into the right folder and edit a xml file. As soon as i finish transfering all assets to the new system i will start working on the next girl: Momo.

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