Friday Progress Report 12/10/2018

Finished making all Elly’s clothes, made her an alternative hairstyle (ponytail) and imported the model with all new clothes into Unity, to equip and unequip the clothes we are using a clothing script my brother made, each individual piece has to be added to the database manually, but once done any character (female) will be able to use these cloth pieces, later i will need to configure another script my brother made called the Proportion Controller that edits the model based on a set of porportions that will allow not only the base model, but also all clothes to adapt to any body type, this will allow us to create most of our characters based on the same model, and will also allow body types to change over time, allowing characters to grow and age.

I will now work on the materials and textures to make Elly gear look like actual clothing like Adam’s, her face and skin are also textureless right now since i was focusing on other stuff and didn’t change the material yet, then i will edit Elly’s and Sasha’s proportions.

My brother is getting close to the point where we will be able to show the beginning of the farming system, you will be able to create tile plots to farm almost anywhere, and these plots will have different attributes based on soil type and quality, if the development of the system advances fast i will have to pause the work on the girls and model some plants, we might get something done to show next demoday.


And here is Elly with her alternative hairstyle wearing Sasha’s clothes because… eh… because yes.

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