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Friday Progress Report 12/10/2018

Finished making all Elly’s clothes, made her an alternative hairstyle (ponytail) and imported the model with all new clothes into Unity, to equip and unequip the clothes we are using a clothing script my brother made, each individual piece has to be added to the database manually, but once done any character (female) will be able to use these cloth pieces, later i will need to configure another script my brother made called the Proportion Controller that edits the model based on a set of porportions that will allow not only the base model, but also all clothes to adapt to any body type, this will allow us to create most of our characters based on the same model, and will also allow body types to change over time, allowing characters to grow and age. I will now work on the materials and textures to make Elly gear look like actual clothing like Adam’s, her face and skin are also textureless right now since i was focusing on other stuff and didn’t change the material yet, then i will edit Elly’s and Sasha’s proportions. My brother is getting close to the point where we will be able to show the beginning of the farming system, you will be able to create tile plots to farm almost anywhere, and these plots will have different attributes based on soil type and quality, if the development of the system advances fast i will have to pause the work on the girls and model some plants, we might get something done to show next demoday.   And here is Elly with her alternative hairstyle wearing Sasha’s clothes because… eh… because yes.

Friday Progress Report 05/10/2018

Elly clothes are mostly done, there are 8 individual pieces in total: cape, jacket, corset, glasses, stockings, shoes, skirt and amulet, all pieces are modeled, rigged and uv mapped, some like the corset and jacket have Shape Keys (Blend Shapes) for chest size in case w want to let other characters wear it, now i just need to texture them and start preparations to add Elly to the project in Unity, she is going to need some special things, like animations for the wings, different body proportions (she will be taller, right now she is using the base model height) and special walking animations since she is using high heels. Her feet are in T-pose on these screenshots, a special animation will be required for walking Today i will be finishing the frills on her clothes and will add more details to the skirt mostly After Iam done with this i will probably improve Sasha clothes a bit, or add an alternative hair style for Elly, i want to make the girls more presentable for the 11/11 demo release My brother is working on code this week, nothing to show right now, he is adapting the terrain system to add support for the farming system, you will be able to build fields anywhere in the grassy fields. Should be done by the next demoday.

Friday Progress Report 28/09/2018

This week we have been working on the girls, i made two new clothes for Elly, a corset and a small jacket, they are fully rigged and have working shape keys, like all other clothes they adapt to different body sizes, so Elly will be able to share her clothes with other girls like Sasha can. The corset has a window for the wings for Elly My brother made a system that groups bone proportions with shape keys to make body sliders and change the size of different body parts, this will allow us to reuse the same main model for most girls and will allow the girls to share clothes with each other, will also allow us to make the aging system so the younger girls can grow into adults. He also improved Adam’s ledge animations  

Friday Progress Report 21/09/2018

It took longer than expected, but i finished texturing Elly hair and wings, and gave her glasses, now she is a proper librarian! (even if the glasses are fake and she has perfect vision) Next step is to check if the female model is working properly on Unity, fix any problems i find in the joints and then go back to Blender to make her a nice long dress and cute shoes   Meanwhile my brother is playing with animations, he added a ledge shimmy animation Looks quite uncanny right now, but he is improving it

Friday Progress Report 07/09/2018

The city is now fully textured, i have also added a few ambiance sounds and a song for the city (Faerie village theme from my previous game), the terrain looks a bit worse because my brother broke the biome merger last time he updated it, but we will fix it, right now he is working on the new character controller and animation controller for Adam. Here some progress on ledge grabbing: Now that the city is in a decent state i will change my focus to the characters, i will improve the models and texture the current clothes before going back to finishing Elly and making more clothes for her and Sasha.

Friday Progress Report 31/08/2018

This week has been slow, we had a pneumonia epidemic this week, most of the family is sick (not in any real danger), my brother was unable to work the last two days and i was down today most of the day, but iam better now and back to work.I still found several flaws in my UV maps and im now fixing them, some materials like wood will use triplanar materials, so im not going to need to UV map everything, so i should finish this in the next week or so.   ¬† The tree is climbable now (even with the current clunky movement), my brother is still working on the new system.

Friday Progress Report 24/08/2018

I have finished the new Ladrasil, it is not pretty since it is naked, we have decided to not use placeholder leaves this time, we will use tech similar to the grass system to make tons of individual leaves, but these won’t be made anytime soon I have designed the branches to work as bridges and paths, they split and connect with each other, moving through the tree will be possible, we are also planning an expansion of the village in the top of the tree later I also started making the materials and UV mapping where i need to add good textures Meanwhile my brother has been working on movement, starting with ledge grabbing/climbing

Friday Progress Report 17/08/2018

Rope bridge system are now in the game, right now they are fixed on the spot, but using this system as base in the future we will be able to make them react to player or environment by moving up and down like a real rope bridge and we will be able to let the player create his own bridges. Also, we have decided to remake the Ladrasil, the boring and ugly big tree in the center of the city will now have a touch of banyan tree, with long branches supported by solid aerial roots, these roots are replacing the old ironwood trees It won’t look this ugly when im done i promise!   Also this time we won’t be adding placeholder leaves, the tree will remain naked until we finish the new leaf system (a variant of the grass system)

Friday Progress Report 10/08/2018

We gathered some feedback from the demoday release this week, the main points brought up were: -Ugliness of textures/materials -Lack of detail and emptiness -Clunky movement and animations -Failure to capture feeling of comfyness Pretty much what we expected since this demo was testing collisions and level design, but now that we know Adam is not falling into the empty void or moving through walls we can focus on addressing the critics we received, the next demoday will be 11/11 this year, and we are planning: -Graphical improvements (textures, materials and details) -Sounds (mostly steps and ambiance) -Bring back Grass system (need to be adapted to the new terrain system) -Dynamic rope bridges (instead of planks) -Completely new movement system and animations for Adam (not using Unity blend tress this time)