Demoday Release 11/11/2018

Today is the day! And here is the demo!


Linux: (seems like grass is not working in linux right now)!etUkWIQR!KHB5P8lUSfS6Lvdb0k_4XuL4XkaIzZS3GTprjhnEFjE

Warning: To see grass you need to play on the higher settings, the default lower setting disables it!

>Grass tech, pick the scythe to cut grass passively
>Prototype farming system, pick the hoe to place plots and pick seeds to plant crops on the plots
>Basic pickable items, run over an item to pick up, right click to drop, left click to use.
>Added ambiance sound
>Greatly improved graphics
>Cloth physics added to Adam’s clothing
>Terrain and Aldrasil tree remade (terrain still has some flaws, will be fixed next demoday)
>Replaced some of the placeholder animations with final ones (run, jump, walk), some animations will still receive tuning
>Elly and Sasha are in the game, but you cannot interact with them yet


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