Everyday Lite and Everyday Life

Everyday Lite is a Vertical Slice of the full game┬ácontaining two UI heavy features, namely the Cooking System and the Faerie Village System They are both going to integrated into a minigame, so that both systems can be tested and players can give feedback. The main game, Everyday Life will be a 3D farmsim with RPG elements, both features of Everyday Lite will be present in the main game with improvements Everyday Lite will be released for free, a link will be available in this blog when it is ready, the main game will cost 15$, there will be support for Windows and Linux, and no DRM (if i add the game to Steam it will still run with steam offline) I have two expansions already planned for the main game because its not possible to fit all features i want to make into the game and deliver everything in a realistic time frame, both expansions will be released for free, and will require the base game. I do not think it is fair to charge for them because they are part of the original vision i have for this game. Features planned for the first release of the whole game include: Cooking System Faerie Village Farming, agriculture and┬álivestock A big village with several NPCs, mostly girls which the main character can get into a relationship with Fishing System You can build you farm anywhere outside the village (no fixed starting area, you start living in the INN paying rent until you build a house) More will be added to the list as development goes, all major updates will be posted here, make sure to follow this blog.