Friday Progress Report 27/04/2018

New trees! I have improved the leaves and cleaned the trunk faces, also added new banches and my brother improved the shader, they look much nicer now, just need to think how we are going to do snow In other news i have modified the shrine isle and lake, made it into a temple isle and lake, since i can now fit a whole temple on it I made a Ryobu Torii connecting the town’s canal to the temple isle, since it is supposed to be an ancient Dracari temple, and the Dracari tribes have oriental architecture. The temple will contrast with the rest of the town, but i think the contrast will make it more interesting And this is the new isle, there is an underwater tunnel that leads to the spiral This is the current state of the town I will try to finish the treehouse district (need a new name) next week  

Friday Progress Report 20/04/2018

Edengrall is taking shape, the city is now divided into 3 main districts, the river enters by a very open aquatic area, this district will be filled with floating buildings and will house the more aquatic-related monstergirls, the eastern side will be filled with large trees and treehouses connected by suspension bridges and the last district will extend towards the port, it will be a very crowded commercial district with several layers of buildings, the center will be a large builiding, it will probably be a community center where most characters meet and hang out The structure by the port is a lighthouse which controls the Rotterdam-inspired floodgates that will block the ocean during hurricanes (river water will be drained and pumped over the wall) We are now working on the trees, developing a seasonal leaf loss system and a character controller to allow Adam to walk through Edengrall by the demoday next month  

Friday Progress Report 13/04/2018

Edengrall is the game’s town, this is where most of the game will take place, so im working to add as much detail as possible The town was founded in 2777 by powerful mages, the city is made mostly of white marble, lifted from the ground and shaped with powerful geomancy, in the center of the town a magical Ladrasil tree supports the magical barrier that protects the town. There are six channels extending from the center to the city walls, these channels connect the several aquatic biomes making the town into the fishing spot with the most fish variety in the game. The center of the town will have several tree houses, a bar under the roots with a room surrounded by glass underwater, this will be a popular spot for the characters to rest and have a comfy time. The shrine is a relic of the Dracari tribe that lived in this island when it was still a peninsula, it is preserved and researched by the town scholars, it is connected to the cave system on the east side of the city. The terrain is just a mock-up, it will be redone with more detail, im currently focusing on the town design, i will start making the buildings next week   You can read more about the lore of Edengrall here Lore Sunday: The founding of Edengrall  

Friday Progress Report 06/04/2018

  Elisabeth Hartol (Elly)   Age: 95 Laetus years, 29 in Earth years (A year in Laetus lasts 112 days) Race: Homunculus (Succubus) Marriageable: Yes Personality: Timid and Honest Favorite Food: Pancakes Homunculi are artifical beings created by alchemy, Succubus are one of the stable types of Homunculi, their anatomy is very close to normal humans, with two pais of wings, one in the head and another in the hips, these wings are sensors with the ability to detect disturbances and ruptures in magical fields. Elly has two important roles in Edengrall, she is responsible in monitoring the magic barrier that protects the island and she takes care of the library, reading is her hobby, and she spends most of her time reading, sometimes to the point where she forgets to eat and sleep. She is extremely timid and has a hard time interacting with most villagers except for a few very close friends, her Androphobia makes it even worse when interacting with men. Elly will be one of the hardest girls to marry, as you have to help her overcome her Androphobia before you can progress with her romantically.