Everyday Lite 1.0 Alpha Release

Links here: Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb4xeb15ht2lu34/Alpha%20Release%201.0.rar?dl=0 Google Drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0AmP3jVSfMhYy14VUtBNXdrR00 Everyday Lite is a Windows application, so it will probably not run in other systems, i made it from scratch using the .NET framework, so you need to to have installed the 4.5.2 version or newer. The fullgame Everyday Life will be made in Unity and will be available in both Windows and Linux. There is no need to install anything, just unzip the file and click the cute Faerie in the game folder and the game will start. Since Everyday Lite will be the face of Laetus for a long time (before the main releases) i want to work on it a bit more, so during the month of October i will improve it further, adding mod manager, documentation and more UI improvements (if i have extra time i will also add some more fun stuff like headpats) also balance and bugfix, also my artist will be replacing all placeholder images as soon as he can come back to work (he has been hit by a HURRICANE of issues recently) Currently im working on the game all by myself burning my savings on this project, all art is made by me or bought (other than free sound files) and i would like to hire my brother as a fulltime programmer (he is the one doing the grass in the terrain system on his free time), this will more than double up the development of the game since i can focus on stuff i like more like creating content, if you wish to support me you can do so on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/laetus You can talk to me on Minds or Gab https://gab.ai/Luisedgm https://www.minds.com/Luisedgm I hope you enjoy my art!  

Friday Progress Report 29/09/2017

The first Alpha release is almost done, im doing the last checks and making sure it runs just fine, here some screenshots My artist is working on a background for the title, so this gradient is just a placeholder The UI overhaul is not finished yet, the process will happen slowly during the next month, i will eventually change the style of all UI elements I will probably release tomorrow, make sure to check the blog in 24 hours!

Friday Progress Report 22/09/2017

Big problem, there was a huge energy spike in the neighborhood and some devices simply exploded, we lost the modem (im posting using my smartphone tethering) and a few phone chargers, luckly the computer is safe, and i didn’t lose any progress, other than the time i lost today in the chaos when we dashed to take every electronic out of the plug. and shut down everything to prevent more damage. I won’t have proper internet for a while, but i think there won’t be any delays on the release of the demo.

Friday Progress Report 15/09/17

New computer is now in place (im writing from it right now) i no longer hate to be worried about losing progress and make 5 backups a day, my artist is also back to work and he is making the title screen (will also be available as wallpaper) The localization system is almost done, im finishing the last parts that still had hardcoded text, will be done by tonight. The release schedule is still the same, i will be releasing Everyday Lite in 2 weeks (probably by the 30th) as an Alpha, then i will spend the whole month of October polishing and bugfixing (also want to make a mod manager system). I have decided to dedicate more time to it because Everyday Lite will be the face of Fables of Laetus until i release EveryDay Life (the fullgame) and any attempts to crowdfund to keep development going will depend on how well accepted the demo is. During this time i will also make more noise in social media to get the ball rolling and open a Patreon account or use Wire me on minds.com, if i can make enough from crowdfunding i will be able to hire my brother as fulltime programmer. In November i will officially begin to work on Everyday Life, starting by making the characters (from design to modeling, animation and writing their personality, traits and behaviors)

Friday Progress Report 08/09/17

We made it to friday! My computer is still a bit wonky, but it didn’t shit itself during these last 3 days, so i got some good work done I have finished the options panel (all of these are implemented) Im right now making the translation files, i will release this demo in both English and Portuguese, and im building the localization system with the addition of other languages in mind In the game files there is now a “Localization” folder, to add a new language you only have to add a new folder with the translated files inside and add the language to the options.txt Inside the folder you have to place all of the following files with the translated texts I have also created 5 initial settings (difficulties), you choose these when starting a new game. Sandbox: 6 starter faeries, max resources, infinite of all foods with max quality and refreshing freshness every morning Easy: 6 faeries, plenty starter resources, infinite water, bakingpowder and salt. Plenty gain, fruit and spices to start with Normal: 5 faeries, plenty starter resources, infinite water, bakingpowder and salt, good amount of starter grain and veggies Hard: 4 faeries, some starter resources, infinite water, and salt, some starter grain Lunatic: 3 weak faeries, very low starter resources, infinite water, and salt, small portions of starter grain, also only one starter builting   I will try to finish the translations this weekend, then transfer all my files to my new computer (which will probably have arrived monday), this week (and probably next one too) there are no new icons, since my artist is unnable to draw for a while. But my brother made some progress on the grass system:

Friday Progress Report 01/09/17

This week i have finished the persistence system (save/load), i just need to give players the option to choose the file to overwrite (right now just saves in Save1.bin), in this video i show the saving and loading of the gamestate (popups and tooltips still don’t show in the video, i can’t figure out how to record them) Here the popup for new game (choose difficulty) And here the popup for loading the game These next two weeks i will work on: -The save popup (for choosing the filename or which file you want to overwright) -Options panel -Gameover -About page -Splash screen Meanwhile my artist is working on the main screen, so that it won’t be this ugly blank screen, this week he made 13 icons, here are they: