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Friday Progress Report 20/07/2018

Huge progress! The transfer from Blender to Unity worked much better than expected, i have corrected all mesh problems (defective faces, flopped normals, wrong proportions) and remade the whole terrain, all the terrain now is made on my brother’s terrain editor which will allow procedural placement of grass, rocks, flora, fauna and other props and objects so the terrain won’t be as bland and empty as it is right now The only part missing are the bridges, my brother is going to develop a system that generate dynamic rope bridges that move with the wind and when you walk over them, so we removed the old inflexible bridge meshes The cliffs to the east of the city now have many more caves and tunnels the area nearby is more detailed.   Next week i will be working on remaking some of the building’s collision meshes to simplify them (current ones are generated based on the complex meshes) or i will look into improving the materials and adding textures, or maybe both if i have enough time   My brother is finishing fixing the terrain system glitches and will start working on Adam’s movement, adding sprinting and swimming (quite required now that we have a lot of water)

Friday Progress Report 13/07/2018

The shopping district will contain 10 houses that will have shops on the first floor and living room on the second for both upper and lower layer, this is where the player will find most of the town’s merchants They connect into the INN, so you can travel from the INN rooms to the upper shops without having to go to the ground level   The first version of Edengrall is now complete and migration to Unity will begin today I will start importing the city walls and building the terrain using the terrain system my brother is making, most of the terrain should be done in Unity by next week

Friday Progress Report 06/07/2018

Finished the Inn, it has 6 guest rooms, a large tavern, big kitchen and plenty bathrooms, no need to use the outhouse! This will be where your adventure begins and your home until you build your own house Every layer startin from the underground:   Now i will finish the houses in the harbor district and the first alpha version of the city will be finished   Meanwhile my brother has improved the water, he will improve the mapping tools so i can make good use of it to make the terrain on Unity

Friday Progress Report 29/06/2018

Having a bit of trouble planning the district, so i decided to switch to reviewing and fixing other buildings that had some flaws on faces and vertices, also modified the scale of a few buildings to make them match the right proportion and started the last important building: the tavern/inn It will link the community center to the library, im still working on the outside of the building, but i should finish it by next week, the remaining buildings won’t take as long Meanwhile my brother is making the rivers on the terrain system

Friday Progress Report 22/06/2018

Finished the temple, the community center and the lighthouse/floodgate system Now the only big part of the city missing is the port/market district, it will be the largest district so far, so it might take more than a single week, but i will try The empty zone is the future port/market district (need better name) My brother made progress on the terrain system, it can now generate props in each zone, eventually it will allow us to make biome pre-sets and it will build most of the details of each zone, this will greatly help making larger zones  

Friday Progress Report 08/06/2018

This week i focused on the forest district, i made several treehouses and 7 out of the 10 platforms are now occupied, i will finish the last 3 this weekend These are the ones i worked the most this week, there is one big house, one spiral connecting two platforms with tiny rooms around it and two platforms with only small buildings, maybe they will be shops or public areas, they were made like this because the platforms they occupy have too many bridges, so there wasn’t enough space for big houses This is the current state of the treehouses   On my brother side there was progress on the terrain system, biomes now border properly in 99% of the situations, including when there are large height differences

Friday Progress Report 01/06/2018

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Friday Report! It really went quickly, so much happened these last 12 months, im really happy i can keep working towards my dream.   This week i finished the doors and windows on the aqua district and started making the treehouses on the tree district Meanwhile my brother has been working on the terrain system, his system now merges borders of different textures (biomes) to make the transition looks more natural By 8/8/2018 we should have a demo of the city with decent textures/terrain for players to test our designs and the character movement

Friday Progress Report 25/05/2018

The basic structure of the Aqua District is done, there will be 3 floating wooden houses and 4 stone houses, the wooden houses are more polished, i even added a cauldron in the center that can be lowered, the stone houses still need doors, windows and the roof gardens      I should finish it this week, im not doing all interiors now, since the interiors will change a lot based on which girl will live in each house Update: Finished the roof gardens, with bridges and also added doors, only need to do windows now

Friday Progress Report 18/05/2018

This week i made the main building of the Aqua District, it will be the fishing gear shop and the house of the vendor (second floor) with a window under the bridge she uses to fish on her spare time I also finished the kiosk under the Ladrasil roots, this is the bar most of the adult characters will spend the night at I will be making the floating houses next   Meanwhile my brother has been working with the shaders and the terrain system textures, he is trying to optimize everything before proceeding