Currently working at: Everyday Lite

Friday Progress Report 12/04/2019

Yeah yeah i know another post with WORDS, sorry nothing fun to show yet, we are now working on the recipes, the system is almost finished, and soon we will be testing everything. Recipes and Ingredients are now xmls with cool effects and traits, super easy to add more content and make mods. The effects of the recipes will give them function/personality, stuff like soups and stews, both can use the same ingredients, but the way you cook change Soup will have effects that slows overcooking and even stops ingredients from burning, allowing easy mode cooking, start up the stove, shove ingredients in and go do something else, come back hours later and it is still edible Stew will start with overcooking penalty, making your food burn faster, but as your cooking skill increases you unlock skills that makes cheaper easy to activate traits of ingredients, and since you gain points to unlock those traits as the dish is cooking you have to balance the risk of burning the food with the amount of points you can acquire and how many ingredient traits you want to activate, so when cooking a stew you want to keep and eye on the pot to make sure you can get the most out of your ingredients.  

Friday Progress Report 05/04/2019

Busy week I finished importing all ingredients with their new special effects into the game, my brother is still implementing the effects and interactions, the cooking system has improved a lot from the version i made in the Everyday Lite demo, i will now start adding all the recipes, everything will be in a very mod-friendly format, which is harder to make, but will be worth it in the end. Over nine thousand lines just for the ingredients (shut up Nappa), for a total of 89 ingredients, i think the recipes and results xml files will not be as big, but i can’t tell for sure until i finish them. Nothing much else to report, this is taking all our development time. 1 Month until the demoday

Friday Progress Report 29/03/2019

Firstly, on the future of Edengrall and planned playable area: Ambition can be a dangerous thing indeed, but i believe in our ability to create this wonderful world, this will probably not be ready by the launch date, but the entire island will be finished one day for sure. Now for more tangible goals:   I have finished modeling the furniture and the tools that the cooking system will use, there are 7 total tool types: Pan, Pot, Grill, Steamer, Oven for Hot dishes Raw preparation for Cold dishes Conserve preparation for Fermented dishes Each will have their specific recipes, some of them have portable variants for cooking on while camping   After finishing those models i started working on importing the ingredients into the new cooking system, now each ingredient has 3 to 4 special effects that can be triggered by the user during cooking, this replaces the old temperature control that added complexity, but was not fun, we think this new feature will make the cooking system more enjoyable. ¬†5 ingredients done… 84 to go… help!

Friday Progress Report 15/03/2019

The city reform is complete, every building is properly textured and have collision models. Now i need to fix the terrain, since the town shape changed, but we decided to change how we edit terrain, before we used an editor my brother made, it was primitive and horrible to use since he had to switch focus from it into other features, leaving it incomplete, so i asked him to make a new system that converts an .obj made in blender to a map object his system uses, now i can make the map in blender, making it 100x easier and faster, while keeping the biome identification and prop filling feature the old map system had Also map chunks will now be exactly 200×200 meters, instead of being amorphous blobs, this will make creating the world much easier (those squares are 10x10m each) It will take about 2 or 3 days to remake the map, it will be slightly different this time since i didn’t manage to import the current map into a blender file, even after converting to obj, but it will be better in the end.   Green wire frames are collision models –edit– Oh and by the way, our subscribestar account was accepted!

Friday Progress Report 08/03/2019

The last building is done, now i need to UV map everything new, check if i broke some of the old buildings while changing stuff around them and then make the collision models, which are simplified versions of the building meshes, then i will redo the terrain around the city since the city shape changed and redo the two suspension bridges we are going to keep (most were removed because we removed the tree houses) and Edengrall 2.0 will be done, after that i will improve on the cooking UI my brother is making since i want something better than programmer graphics for the demoday.

Friday Progress Report 01/03/2019

First update from home in almost two months, we are back at working on the game every day now. I made the school, it has one large¬† class room, two bathrooms, underground classroom for magical studies and a garden and kitchen at the top floor Current state of the town: Afterwards i will make the houses near the north entrance and finish up everything doing the collision models and the uv mapping We have designed a new feature for the cooking system, special ingredient effects, they are optional bonuses you can add to your recipes, you will need to spend points to unlock them and for each unlock the cost of the next effects increase, hot recipes will gain points to spend as you cook, so you can gain more points leaving it up for longer, but you risk burning the food, cold dishes will gain points based on Adam’s skill level with the recipe and Fermentation recipes will gain extra points the longer you leave the food fermenting, here some of the current effect ideas:

Friday Progress Report 22/02/2019

No WiFi on this fucking apartment, shitty phone internet edition 5 more days before we can return home, but despite the challenges we are still working every day, i have made more progress on the city, the aqua district is done and i only have two more buildings to finish, the School and the Houses The bathhouse is done for now, since the game won’t have nudity the player won’t see this area too much, but i still added details to it anyways   The reform of the city will still take from 2 to 4 weeks since i have to UV map and make collision and LoD models for the new buildings, after that i will make food models for the cooking system