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Friday Progress Report 18/01/2019

Friday Report Horrible Internet edition It is a miracle i could make this report, we can barely upload our changes to the project to each other due to the crappy internet we have here, but we are doing what we can I have finished Marie’s model, i will do her animations now Brother is finishing up the base of the new cooking system, we might have something good to show this demoday.

Friday Progress Report 11/01/2019

Friday Report Jetlag edition We have arrived at the tiny apartment we will be staying for the next two weeks, the internet here sucks and there is only a tiny table for us both to work, but we will manage My brother is working on the new cooking system we hope to allow players to at least make a basic soup at 2/2 I started making the 8th girl, the doctor of the village Marie She is a vampire, a special kind of homunculi made to be doctors and nurses, vampires can inject several different medicines into patients though their fangs and drain infected blood to heal them, the big flaw of vampires is how capricious they tend to be, it is hard to get them to focus on their jobs properly. Sorry for the slow progress, but until we are back home this is how the next following weeks will be…

Friday Progress Report 04/01/2019

Happy new year! The first update of the year has some good progress! I have finished Momo, we have created a new breast size modifier to give her larger than usual breasts and we have re-added breast physics. Momoka Laturi Age: 72 Laetus years, 22 in Earth years Race: Bovin (homunculus) Marriageable: Yes Personality: Hard Working, Responsible, Cheerful Favorite Food: Beef Momo is the first and only of her homunculi species, the Bovin race was created to serve as a work homunculus, with strength similar to Orcs, but with a more pleasing appearance, but the design was flawed in certain aspects and this led to the cancellation of the project. Due to her nature Momo has been a hard working girl from very early age, she also has strong maternal instincts and has acted as a big sister to the younger girls of the village, specially Fuko and Meru who see her both as a big sister and foster mother, they live together in the dairy ranch near the temple where they sell animal products and special milk! Her biggest worry is the future of the younger girls who lost their creators in the ruins incident a few years ago, she seeks a husband to help her raise the children as best as possible. Marrying Momo is easy if you get along with Fuko and Meru, but if the twins dislike you then winning Momo’s heart will be extremely difficult. If you manage to do so Fuko and Meru will become available for official adoption (if they like you enough to see you as a father figure).   There was also progress on inventory and the cooking system We have designed a new structure for the cooking system, certain things will change, so recipes scores might change from the Everyday…

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Friday Progress Report 28/12/2018

Last update of the year, 2018 has been a good year, tons of progress, but we will speed up 2019 will be even better!   My brother added tooltips, he is making other UI elements now   Meanwhile i have started creaing Momo the cowgirl She is a hardworking and caring girl, she is the guardian of both Fuko and Meru taking the roles of both older sister and foster mother.   We will have to travel for most of January next year, this is not a vacation, we will keep working and making progress, but since we will be on the move a lot and we won’t have reliable internet access the progress will slow down a bit during the next few weeks after the 7th.

Friday Progress Report 21/12/2018

I have two announcements that are not related to progress this week. First, we are leaving Patreon out of principle, if you are a Patreon user you know what is going on already, i will not talk about politics in this blog. Second, the blog is being spammed by bots, I am sorry if your comment got deleted with the batch, i will approve comments from actual people, just make sure to talk about the game in your comment so i know that the text is not some generated blob and make sure you don’t have a link to any sketchy porn sites If you want to talk to me i would prefer Gab or Minds   Now enough bullshit, this week we started working on both items and moddability, we are the kind of players that prefers to play with mods no matter what game we are playing and we feel you will want to do so too with our game too, we are going to release all required tools to make mods for Everyday Life when the game launches. Right now we started to change the file structure of the game to make it easier to access and mod assets Adding new assets will be as easy as putting them into the right folder and edit a xml file. As soon as i finish transfering all assets to the new system i will start working on the next girl: Momo.

Friday Progress Report 14/12/2018

Spent the week fixing small issues with the models and adding some animations for the girls, In my animations I am trying to capture their personalities, but i still need to practice more to make the movements less robotic After redoing Sasha’s animations (they are the lamest of all right now) i will animate the tails, ears and wings. My brother is working on the inventory, he got a basic drag and drop window working This is integrated with the equipable items we already have (scythe, hoe and seed bags) There wasn’t much progress this week because we had to do maintenance on the notebooks (yearly dust removal), but we are increasing our weekly work hours to make up for it.

Friday Progress Report 07/12/2018

08/12/2018 update: The blog is back up now! We had some issues yesterday with the wordpress update causing problems. —————————————————————————————————————— Finished modeling 6 girls total! Only 14 to go (for the first release, there will be even more later)! At this point I managed to speed up the pipeline for the creation of new models to 1 to 3 weeks depending on the character, i should be able to finish a total of 20 girls (plus some other npcs) by the middle of next year. I still need a week to make the finishing touches on the 4 newest girls: Reiko, Karen, Fuko and Meru, configurating hair physics, making idle animations and animating the wings, animal ears and tails of all girls who need it. My brother went from farming system to making items to inventory to database, these systems are all connected, so they will take a long time to get everything working, it seems there won’t be aquatic content this release as finishing the farm system will take a lot more than expected. There is lore this week, if you just wanted to see this week progress then there is nothing else for now, the following is just lore! As promised i made the origins of Reiko and Karen and since i finished their models i might as well tell you how Fuko and Meru came to be. Most girls in the game are non-human, but they did not evolve naturally like this, they were created by humans using alchemy, so monster girls are often referred as “homunculi” Also take note that years in this world only have 112 days, so divide a character age by 3.25 to get the aproximated age in Earth years. Some backstory should be required to understand some of what follows, check those…

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Friday Progress Report 30/11/2018

There was a problem with the clothing script, so while my brother fixed it i started making a new girl, the local prankster smug loli, Fuko Fuko and her twin Meru will not be marriageable obviously (they will have no romance stats), Fuko is the older sister (by a few seconds) and drags Meru into trouble all the time, i will enjoy making their events, they live with Momo (probably next girl to be made after these two) since their parents died in the ruins, i will make more detailed background for them after i finish modeling them all and fulfill my promise to make the background for Reiko and Karen too. And yes, Fuko and Meru being sheepgirl humunculi do provide wool, they will sell it in Momo’s dairy shop My brother fixed the cloth script and made grass and crop tiles exclusive to each other, he also added grids to the plot tiles so you can make uniform fields, he will now work on UI making the inventory system

Friday Progress Report 23/11/2018

Reiko’s clothes have been finished, i have imported her to Unity, but stopped adding all her assets because we needed a new script to deal with her tails, since Kitsunes (Fox Girls) gain tails as they age they will need a special script to add tails and sort the existing ones so we don’t have a scrambled mess in the end, so while my brother worked on that i started the next girl, Reiko’s daughter Karen I have already finished her hair, textured and rigged it. Karen is a modest and serious girl, she doesn’t dress as extravagant as her mother. I will make a full profile of them both next week, i expect to have Karen’s clothes finished by then and have them all textured in Unity. My brother is working on making grass and crop exclusive to each other, grass will block crops and crops will stop grass growth, but this require a lot of work

Friday Progress Report 16/11/2018

This demo was well received, at least in comparison with the last one, there were a few glitches like missing triangles in the terrain and water reflection problems, these have been fixed already, but we won’t release a new demo version for now. The next release will be at 2/2/2019, we plan fishing system, water content like swimming animations and fish, at least 3 new girls and completing the farm system. Reiko is almost ready, her clothes are done, just need to add a few accessories and import her in Unity to make an idle animation and pose her next to Elly and Sasha My brother is improving the Farming system right now, adding a grid system that will be used to align crop plots, fences and buildings.